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We understand the need to provide complete discretion and privacy to our customers. That's why all orders are dispatched within plain packaging or padded envelopes and shipped using the fastest methods available.

Because you are ordering personal medication, we ensure that your privacy is protected by supplying your order in ordinary packaging that does not advertise its contents. No reference to an online pharmacy or medication appears on the packaging.

However, please note that we are required by law to include a summary of the contents of your parcel for customs declarations. This declaration about the goods you are importing will be folded and attached to the package with sticky tape, only your local customs authorities are authorized to unfold and read it if needed.

Concerning your discretion, safety, and privacy, all products are labeled as health supplements for the customs, and it works in 99.7% of cases. However, should there be an issue with your order, we will happily re-send it to you free of charge.

We split bulk orders (360 pills or more) into several packages and ship them separately every 5 - 7 days to avoid any issues at customs and to reduce instances of entire shipments being confiscated and destroyed.


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