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My order has been at customs for several days now and not updated. I think my package is stuck in customs. Should I be worried? My order has been stuck in NY port for 15 days, it doesn't look like it's going to get here. Can I get another order sent out?

COVID-19 Update. Expect your package in June >

Deliveries finally resumed after weeks of coronavirus lockdown. Expect delivery of shipped orders in around 20-25 days. Your package should arrive sooner, but it can take this long because all departing parcels will have to remain in quarantine in India or Singapore for 2 weeks. Then the packages will be departed to overseas, and only after 3 weeks will be scanned at the first US, UK, or Australian port. You should expect your shipment to arrive in June. If you placed your order with us before March 20 and your package never arrived, please contact our support – we will provide a solution.

Clearance at customs is a necessary procedure for all the goods crossing a border between countries. It usually takes 2 – 3 days but sometimes may take up to 14 days if there is a delay at customs so you may, therefore, experience a delay in receiving your items.

While we make the effort to ensure all parcels pass through customs without issue (99.7% of our parcels go through 🇺🇸 the US, 🇬🇧 the UK, 🇪🇺 the EU, 🇦🇺 Australia & New Zealand customs smoothly), individual countries have different criteria. 

In the unlikely event of your parcel gets lost or stuck at customs for more than two weeks, please inform us – we will resend your order at no additional charge or refund you if preferred.

P.S. Please note that total delivery time (usually 7-12 business days) = shipping time (usually 7-10 business days) + customs clearance time (usually 1-2 business days).


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