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We want to make sure you have a positive experience with us. If there’s a problem with a product, our refund policy assures that buyers satisfied the product they ordered, or always get their money back.

You can use our money-back guarantee when:

  • You don’t receive an item within 30 days.
  • You receive an item that doesn’t satisfy your needs

To get a refund, send us a request with the following details:

  • Order number
  • Your email
  • Transaction ID (optional)

Order tracking >

Please note that it can take between 2 – 30 days for the funds to be credited back to your card, but usually should appear already within 4 – 7 days. Bitcoin refunds are instant.

Under U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029 

Requesting a chargeback through your credit card company without first contacting us and following correct procedures is regarded as fraudulent. The cardholder will be blacklisted, and reports will be made to the Credit Card company’s fraud department. We actively prosecute and assist in prosecutions of fraud for individuals falsely claiming unauthorized use of credit cards.
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