No order confirmation? Did my order went through?

If you're not sure if your order went through, wait 10 minutes, then check your bank statement online. It usually takes a few minutes for a new order to show up. You'll also get an email confirmation shortly after placing your order. Also, make sure to check your Spam folder for an email confirmation.

If you did not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes, it means that the purchase might not have properly completed. Follow these instructions on how to complete declined payment. Additionally, you can check you bank statement online to verify the payment.

If you don't have an order number or if you still don't see your order, please contact us, and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

Important Notes

  • Submit your payment only once in order to avoid a double charge. Payment processing normally takes 5-30 seconds but sometimes may take up to 10 minutes. You should try your payment with the same credit card again only the next day (in 24 hours after your payment was declined).
  • You purchase will appear on your credit card statement under a different merchant name (NOT as an Online Pharmacy), so keep it in your mind. Make sure NOT to mention our website, any drugs or tablets in case of communication with your bank because U.S. banks prohibit direct purchases for prescription drugs online.
  • Keep in mind that your email program may filter automated emails, such as this, into your Spam, Junk or Bulk folder. Please check this folder periodically for any correspondence from us.


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