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If you’re interested in purchasing modafinil, it can be confusing when you’re faced with so many different options. You may be asking yourself, “do I choose Modalert, Modvigil, Modavinil, or Vilafinil?”

A generic drug is simply a drug that is not marketed under a specific brand name. In order to qualify as a generic, the medication must contain the same active ingredients, applications, and formulation as the original, branded version of the drug.

Simply put, this means that a generic is identical to the branded original in everything but brand name.

All active ingredients in generic drugs are identical to the branded original versions. These ingredients have been approved by the FDA, and our generic versions are approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, which is the equivalent of the FDA in India.

Manufacturers who are regulated by these organizations are required to comply with strict quality control standards.

You may also be wondering what the other differences between each of these medications are. While modafinil is the active ingredient in each of these medicines, there are a few little differences between each drug that you should be aware of. You can find out more here >

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