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I selected the Express shipping option but my order is still not here. What should I do? I have paid for the Express shipping but my parcel is delayed, I want to get a payment for the Express shipping option back. Delayed shipment - seeking a refund of express shipping cost.

Order information may not appear in the tracking system until the shipment reached your destination country, so sometimes it may show you "Tracking details not found" or "Pre-Shipment".

COVID-19 Update. Expect your package in June >

Please allow 5 to 7 business days after receiving your shipping confirmation email to track your shipment. We’ll send you a tracking notification by email once your tracking number is live.

We Always Use The Easiest Route Possible

Paid for Express → Package Sent via Registered Airmail. Why?

We ship all orders via the fastest and shipping method available at this moment. We reserve the right to change the delivery method you have selected to ensure your package is delivered as soon as possible and successfully clears at customs. Sometimes, due to delays at customs in India, we may change the Express shipping option (available only from India) to Regular or Standard delivery from Singapore LTxxxxxxxxxSG, so that your parcel will successfully pass through customs in Singapore and will be delivered to your door faster than Express from India.

In addition, Express EMS parcels have a greater chance of being detained at customs. For this reason, we ship bulk orders by Registered Airmail (not trackable) as parcels with the following tracking numbers RMxxxxxxxxxIN attract less attention from customs officers. Packages containing many modafinil tablets are being shipped from Singapore ONLY via Standard shipping option to avoid any delays at customs.

Sorry, No Partial Refunds

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a partial refund because we use a specific method of accepting credit cards and PayPal payments.

What Is Your Tracking Number?

  • LTxxxxxxxxxSG (Singapore Post) - Doesn't require a signature upon delivery;
  • EMxxxxxxxxxIN (EMS Express) - Requires your signature.
  • RMxxxxxxxxxIN (Registered Airmail India Post) - Doesn't require a signature upon delivery. NOT trackable all the way but passes customs easily; 

Will I Be Required a Signature?

  • Yes, you will be required to sign for your package if your tracking number has the following format EMxxxxxxxxxIN.
  • Tracking numbers LTxxxxxxxxxSG and RMxxxxxxxxxIN do not require a signature.

If you wish to receive the package with no signature, please make sure to mention "No signature" in the Special Notes section on the Checkout page (under your shipping address).

How Can I Track My Package?

Regardless of the origin country we have sent your package (India or Singapore), you can always trace the full path of the order with your local parcel tracking service. The tracking information typically becomes available on the local websites once your package reaches the destination country.

  • Go to your local parcel tracking service;
  • Enter your tracking number (e.g. LTxxxxxxxxxSG)
  • Get tracking results. See how it works >

Please note that shipments sent via Regular Airmail (RMxxxxxxxxxIN) are NOT trackable all the way and do not require a signature.

Useful Links

USPS Tracking

Royal Mail Track & Trace

Australian Post Tracking

Tracking Tool (worldwide)

Failed Delivery Attempt?

Example of tracking information

Please note that total delivery time (usually 7-12 business days) = shipping time (usually 7-10 business days) + customs clearance time (usually 1-2 business days).

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